How to compare and choose end of lease cleaning service?

  • If the cleaning business is using subcontractors.

    Not to say a subcontractor won’t do a good job, it would work well if the cleaning job satisfies every party, but if it does not, it may take more effort to get the issues remedied. Plus, there can be a mismatch in cleaning standard. For example, say you were promised something when booking but actually the subcontractor did not get the message when turned up, sometimes it can be frustrating.

  • Always ask for the checklist for comparison.

    As there is no industry standard for end of lease cleaning, so you have to make sure all the essentials are included, like both sides of windows, flyscreens, oven, and balcony if it is an apartment.

  • If there is a guarantee?

    Cleaning can be a very subjective matter sometimes, no one can guarantee the job can be carried out to meet every one’s expectation from different angles. So make sure the cleaners you engaged with have a guarantee period, should there be anything missed or needs further attention.

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