Why choose Privilege Cleaning?

Below are some of the key attributes that make us stand out from other cleaning businesses in Canberra:

  • 10 years experience, gives us the knowledge and expertise to understand your requirements and do the job to high standard
  • We don’t over promise clients with empty guarantees, we give the right advice and deliver the desired outcome
  • We are owner operated, and cleaners are directly supervised by the owner, which is to say, quality is tightly controlled and any issues are promptly followed up. Some businesses in the market book in the job and then kick all the responsibilities to the cleaners. But we don’t, we take care of you from quoting all the way to post cleaning issues that may arise.
  • We always arrive punctually, we don’t pick jobs, unlike some businesses, we never don’t turn up simply because your booked time conflicts with another more profitable job.
  • End of lease clean standard can be very confusing for tenants, as there is no industry standard and the property managers’ requirements are all different. Thus, our packages are designed to include all the essentials, and in most cases, it is quite sufficient, unless your property manager goes the extra mile asking for extra cleaning.

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