How to deal with unpleasant smell in your fridge

If your fridge is not regularly cleaned, like a couple of times every year, quite often the bad smell can build up inside of your fridge and give you a shock when you open it. How to deal with it? The answer is quite simple, clean it and use a fridge odour remover.


The recommended frequency is twice a year, and there is no special fridge cleaning products or techniques to apply. Just take apart the shelves, drawers and trays, give them a thorough clean with soapy water as well as the fridge itself. Some fridges come with a drip tray which is located beneath the fridge, make sure you clean that as well if there is one.

Fridge odour remover

It can also be called fridge bacteria eater or fridge purifier, essentially they are the same thing, just some activated carbon sealed in a perforated container, to absorb any unpleasant smell. Below is a picture of what I have been using, I like it because it is made of bamboo and good looking.


I don’t have a particular product or band to recommend but if you search on Google or eBay, you will find quite a few choices. Some people suggest baking soda or coffee grounds in an open container, personally I don’t quite like the idea because they might get accidentally spilled when you are handling food, plus the odour remover works better and last longer.

Hope this helps!

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